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The first 100 days: Cicilline sparks a fresh course in Providence

The first 100 days: Rookie pol Carcieri displays strong leadership

Busted, broke, and on the back burner: If the reconstruction of Iraq is handled the same way Afghanistan has been, expect disaster

Phillipe & Jorge's Cool, Cool World: Oh, that Osama bin Laden!

Out There: Rock 'n' rolled

That's What She Said: A thousand words

Ask Dr. Lovemonkey: Beautiful music

Editors' Picks

Plus, this just in:

ANNALS OF LITIGATION: Hasbro fined for misrepresentation in liability case
AS THE PROJO TURNS: A sudden halt to contract hopes
LOCAL AGRICULTURE: Dairy farmers still taking a beating

Moon Signs


Going South: Lucinda Williams gets the best of us on World Without Tears

True believers: Linkin Park return with Meteora, Evanescence emerge with Fallen

Songs of self: Mary Gauthier digs up her own roots

From the heart: Shryne, 18 Stars, and more

Road Trips


This week's trailers:
Bend It Like Beckham
Ghosts of the Abyss
A Man Apart


A swell Belle: The Beast is also a Beauty at PPAC


Functional and fun: The RISD Museum's Zig-Zag Chairs +Wobbly Mirrors


Life on the run: Michael C. Keith's moving memoir

Changing the world? The poems of Kenneth Rexroth, the poets of World War II


Hot Dots


LaMoia: Tempting tapas


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