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    Why Mukasey stinksWhy Mukasey stinks:  Plus, what the Obama endorsement shows about Patrick
    The idea that former federal judge Michael Mukasey may soon be confirmed as US attorney general is almost a welcome relief. But it should not be.

    Rent a warRent a war:  The real significance of hired guns in Iraq. Plus, combating Ann Coulter.
    Wonder why the Iraq government changed its mind about expelling Blackwater, the rent-a-soldier company whose employees killed 17 civilians this past month?

    Tsongas for CongressTsongas for Congress:  Plus, those scary Republicans running for president
    On Tuesday, voters in the Fifth Congressional District will be faced with a clear and obvious choice of who should succeed former representative Marty Meehan in the US Congress.

    P-town’s not-so-secret viceP-town’s not-so-secret vice:  Beating up gay guys appears to be all the rage, and police and the DA are part of the problem
    Something went seriously awry in Provincetown this summer, where several attacks with possible homophobic overtones were ignored by, and in one case was committed by, the town’s own law-enforcement officials.

    Iran: the next crisisIran: the next crisis:  Trying to make sense of Ahmadinejad at Columbia will not shed light on Bush’s emerging plans to attack Iran
    All politics are local, so said the late Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill.

    Patrick’s winning handPatrick’s winning hand:  Why the governor’s casino plan is aces
    Casino gambling may not solve all of the fiscal challenges facing Massachusetts, but it is the best idea currently on the table.

    Disillusioning realityDisillusioning reality:  The weight of public opinion will not get us out of Iraq. Plus, a huge boost for the arts.
    It took the United States four years to get out of Vietnam.

    Brokeback men's roomBrokeback men's room:  A curiously Republican story
    Once upon a time there was a barbershop quartet known as the Singing Senators.

    In praise of four-letter wordsIn praise of four-letter words:  Or why the FCC should go fuck itself

    The perversity of today’s FCC is that by being vague it can be more effectively chilling, censorious, and repressive.

    Prescriptions for potPrescriptions for pot:  It is time to make the medical use of marijuana legal. Plus, genocide and the ADL
    Smoking a joint can be a better and more effective way of easing chronic pain than the use of prescription narcotics such as OxyContin and morphine.

    Say it ain’t so, Cindy SheehanSay it ain’t so, Cindy Sheehan:  Plus, the turd’s blossom has finally fallen off
    The best place to observe the masochistic tendencies of the American left these days is in San Francisco.

    It can happen hereIt can happen here:  The Minneapolis bridge collapse should be a wake-up call. Plus, a Congressional disgrace.
    The American Society of Civil Engineers almost three years ago issued a catalogue of pressing needs related to Massachusetts infrastructure.

    Iraq and a hard placeIraq and a hard place:  The Democratic presidential candidates must articulate clear exit strategies
    Getting out of Iraq is going to be more difficult than getting in.

    Why ‘fairness’ failsWhy ‘fairness’ fails:  The excesses of right-wing talk radio have sparked a move to re-impose an equal-time doctrine. It’s a bad idea.
    Anyone who has ever sampled the auditory sewer that is right-wing talk radio can understand the impulse to reinstate the so-called “fairness doctrine.”

    Placing a bet on gamblingPlacing a bet on gambling:  Plus, coming to grips with murder in Boston
    Both Maine and Rhode Island in recent years have rejected proposals that would have brought casino gambling to those states.

    Media monopolies killMedia monopolies kill:  How Time Warner — and other conglomerates — threatens freedom of the press
    Anyone who doubts that big media monopolies are bad for democracy should take a look at how much the Post Office charges magazines to mail issues to subscribers.

    Expanding the cloak of secrecyExpanding the cloak of secrecy:  Bush’s unrivaled claims to executive privilege deprive Americans of the basic info they need to act as citizens
    Make no mistake: the Bush administration is attempting to codify Nixonian secrecy as official constitutional doctrine.

    The many reasons for Liquarry Jefferson’s deathThe many reasons for Liquarry Jefferson’s death:  Responsibility for gun control begins at home and extends all the way to the federal government
    As of press time, it appears that a 15-year-old left his handgun where a seven-year-old picked it up and killed an eight-year-old with it.

    Rushdie’s courageRushdie’s courage:  Why Sir Salman’s knighthood matters
    Bombay-born Salman Rushdie, educated at Rugby and Cambridge, is now Sir Salman Rushdie.

    Jubilation!Jubilation!:  Today Massachusetts, tomorrow the world
    We can all thank the conservatives who several years ago controlled the state legislature for the fact that Massachusetts citizens have same-sex- marriage rights.

    The mess at UMassThe mess at UMass:  Picking up the pieces in the wake of a destructive power play. Plus, the immigration debate.
    Before he terminated his do-little term as governor to kick off his presidential campaign, Mitt Romney planted a ticking time bomb at the University of Massachusetts.

    The debates so farThe debates so far:  Why the Republican performance is so dangerous
    Watching the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates debate this week in New Hampshire leaves an uncomfortable but undeniable impression.

    Casino gambling: YesCasino gambling: Yes:  The question should not be if, but how. Plus, Cape Wind now.
    The debate about casino gambling in Massachusetts has arrived.

    The sense of itThe sense of it:  History, biology, and demographics all favor same-sex marriage, but decency compels it
    First, a brief history lesson: Massachusetts was the second of the original 13 colonies to abolish slavery.

    Darfur: The only hopeDarfur: The only hope:  It is time for corporations and investors to disinvest in Sudan
    The genocide in Darfur continues.

    Global warmingGlobal warming:  Some reasons for hope. Plus, Susan Passoni for boston City Council
    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is one of those broad-based, high-minded, outfits that drive the Bush White House crazy.

    Four years laterFour years later:  Bush's bullshit
    In the aftermath of a surprise attack by Egypt and Syria that overwhelmed Israeli forces in 1973, a special commission was convened to determine what went wrong.

    Death by handgunsDeath by handguns:  What the murders at Virginia Tech and on Boston’s streets have in common
    The only difference between the carnage wrought on the Virginia Tech campus and the ongoing plague of murders bloodying Boston’s streets is one of intensity.

    Lender bendingLender bending:  It’s time to rein in the student-loan industry. Plus, trying to make sense of the horror at Virginia Tech.
    It should come as little surprise that financial institutions resort to heavy-handed and ethically shady tactics to increase their share of the student-loan business.

    Ho, ho, hoHo, ho, ho:  Thoughts on watching the media culture that Don Imus helped spawn turn on the aging turkey
    Unless you’ve been busy catching up on your Kierkegaard, you know that radio shock jock Don Imus is in a heap of trouble.

    The painful truthThe painful truth:  Boston’s murder crisis underscores the need to reform its police force
    If it is painful to try to make sense of the ongoing plague of murders in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan, try to imagine what it is like to live there.

    Beacon Hill fluxBeacon Hill flux:  Travaglini exits, Murray ascends, Patrick innovates
    “Style,” according to Alfred North Whitehead, “is the ultimate morality of the mind.”

    High time for high principlesHigh time for high principles:  Why the Supreme Court should back the bong guy
    Every now and then a case comes before the US Supreme Court that has as much entertainment value as constitutional significance.

    Rove’s footprintsRove’s footprints:   Where Karl goes, corruption is sure to follow. Plus, a solution to military immorality.
    “Turd Blossom.” That’s what President Bush affectionately calls Karl Rove, his top political aide. It’s an apt nickname, especially these days.

    A split personalityA split personality:  Recent events suggest that there are two sides to Governor Deval Patrick
    It is time for the new governor to smarten up.

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